Thursday, 17 April 2014

Her 'Royalness' Mary Queen...

Our gorgeous bride goes by the name Mary queen,and indeed she was a queen on her wedding day,its no wonder she chose a tiara from KIONNE Bridal boutique for her headpiece and it fitted her perfectly she looked stunning..she is a lovely and beautiful lady ,we wish her all the happiness that marriage can bring.


Kioone's Bridal Boutique: Accessories.

Hi Glamreaders,
This post is for our future brides and glam queens. Your new BRIDAL BOUTIQUE in town has a nice jewelry collection for you. Today we are posting a few earrings out of the current stock. More to come next week,we have a new stock which we will post and we are so excited about it. Enjoy.x
Kionne is in Masaki,Haile Selassie Rd. Contact:- +255 684 831 888


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Soon to be wifed: Faiza

Congratulations to our lovely Faiza,she visited us recently to be glammed up n wow her fiancee on her engagement party.It was great working on her she is a sweet and a charming lady.We cant wait to see how gorgeous she will look on her actual wedding.
All the best with wedding planning..
enjoy xo..

 Faiza came with her sister Fadya who's a usual at glambox

Alfiya's Nikkah/Aqdi Glam

Hello glamreaders,
Love often amazes me,the boundaries it crosses, the bridges it breaks...and how it has no regard for age,race or religion just to mention a few. Love is the only stereotype free feeling i know,love is universal it speaks to all human race and beyond fluently.
Alfiya came all the way from Russia to Tanzania where her love is,on one beautiful sun-shinning day she tied the knot with our fellow Tanzanian brother. Alfiya is such a beautiful girl,so sweet and fun to be around. She is kind and it was an absolute honor to be a part of her wedding. Glambox wishes you all the best in your new life.

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