Sunday, 21 April 2013

Neema's Reception Look..

Neema wrapped it up with us,she will be missed indeed. She made a beautiful beautiful fun bride.x


Beautiful Nigerian newlyweds...

Hi dolls,
Its been a while since i posted a nigerian wedding. So recently i visited BN and saw this beautiful couple. The bride is gorg from head to toe and OMG the groom killed it. He is so stylish it hurts my eyes. I mean the only male specie with a right to look this good in light blue is infant.


Jackie's Glamorous Send off look..

Sadly this is the end of GB and Miss Jackie here since she will be getting married out of town. Its always hard for me to see and hear my brides complain about not knowing what to do with their make up on their big days especially because they are getting married in regions where they dont know or have any make up artist. I always wish i could just close my eyes and multiply. Or have several clones,one in Kilimanjaro,one in Mbeya/Iringa and another in Morogoro as its almost impossible to go out of town on short notice.


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Consolatha says 'I DO'

A lady at heart and in person. Very kind,very principled and very calm. In my next life {if ever} i'd like to have some of her qualities,her personality is just amazing. Here is to a happy marriage Consolatha,God bless you.x


A beautiful bride

One of our own...We loved her too too much,and this is all we have to share with you.x


Mwanaidi Mwilima's Aqdi...

She is just gorgeous. I was drooling over her strong jaw and the color of her skin. She has such an amazing personality,it was a great honor to be a part of her wedding.


Fresh Flowers Wedding

I’m all about adding fresh blooms to a wedding day hairstyle, so when I saw this goooorgeous shoot, well, let’s just say it raised the bar at bit. Be inspired,after all we have alot of beautiful fresh flowers in Tanzania.x

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