Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Doreen's wedding day...

These photos are way too late,however i just got them this evening and i would love to share them with you dolls. The bridesmaids were so much fun to be around,i attended this wedding we danced the whole night,no speeches,no long introductions,just fun fun fun fun. We should have more weddings like this.
After the church ceremony which took place in the morning;the newly wed couple,their family and friends headed to the Sea Cliff hotel,Karambezi for a lunch. It was romantic,and beautiful.


Dressing a Chiavari Chair...

Chiavari chairs have been the preference for weddings since the times of Kennedys...Elizabeth Taylor etc. The style and elegance of the chairs give these chairs so much beauty and class,especially when they are properly dressed,or styled. I have gathered a few photos below for your inspiration. Enjoy,x.
Jackie and John Kennedy


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

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Lemmy's Send Off Glam...

Lemmy is as cute as a cartoon character,from a beautiful fairy-tale. Her eyes are filled with sweetness,she is soo cute it hurts. She was glammed by Monica on all her events. Her eyes are to die~for especially for eyeliner. She is calm,collected and graceful. We miss her,we cant wait to see her again.
Photos credit of GRM Productions...


L.O.V.E: Nipeleke na Baisikeli


Hellen... says I DO.

Hellen had her send off and wedding Glam with us,without forgetting her engagement party Glam. She is a beautiful lady with poise and grace,very elegant and charming. She has amazing features on that gorgeous face of hers. And from her head to toe wedding outfit its obvious she loves much that she instructed us to add some bling bling to her cascading bouquet.

Photos courtesy of GRM Productions.

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