Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Madeline Kimei"s Mothers Night and Dance

Hello dolls,
This sunday Madeline had her mothers night at 5 Star in Mbezi. Madeline what do i say about her,she is my baby sister,we grew up together. She is as charming as a sunflower blooming,delicate as a rose. Madeline is soooo much fun,she is polite,kind,giving,loving,friendly,i am trying to stop but my fingers aren't...she is sweet in every way possible,she is like a bunch of bubbles the only difference is that her excitement unlike bubbles doesn't burst. I love her to bits and pieces,enjoy her photos.x.
Madeline and Lucy Kimei were dressed by Eve Collections,there offices are at Arcade in Mikocheni. Call them on 0787 792 070

 madeline arriving at the function

 we invited Khadija Kopa bebi cute for Mama,it was her night
 see the smile on mama kimei,thats what we wanted....yaaayyy

 Bling bling for madeline from Mama...hapana chezeaaa

 all smiles...

 Madeline had something for mama...

 she teared up...aaawwww "mama you mean the world to me"

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 madada had their own present tulimpa viungo,na dhahabu

 Made Kama lil
 Da amina alikua na zawadi yake pia

 sisters forever...

 me and the legendary Khadija kopa

 My top and skirt by Eve Collections

 Eve the Owner of Eve Collections,the brain behind Madeline and Lucys glamorous dresses

 kope timeeeeeeeeee

 Nacky a.k.a Jolie...the slit is killliiiinnnggg

 She is leaving 
 her make up,6 hours later...

 with my bride,my sweet madeline...

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