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Glambox and RaYdiance Mobile Spa

Hello Glamreaders,
Good~better~best news EVER for all of you today. Glambox is introducing RaYdiance Mobile Spa to you. Just imagine not having to drive all the way to the Salon+Spa for a pedicure and manicure,getting a relaxing massage at the comfort of your own home. I personally think RaYdiance is sent straight from heaven to all of us. I once went for a full spa treatment at Hyatt,it was sooo relaxing i had beautiful dreams while getting massaged dreams of floating on petals of roses,a private jet through the sunset inshort i didnt want to wake up. Once the whole treat was over,i dreaded the thought of having to drive home. Thank God for RaYdiance i wont have to go through that again,and so wont you. They are A~M~A~Z~I~N~G.

Below is the full price list for packages and services from RaYdiance. Enjoy,and please do call and book yourself,you mother,sister,husband,wife etc for a RaYdiance treat.x
Contact RaYdiance on 0783 979141

Regrets: Unfortunately the MENU is not easily visible/readable this is the best i could do to convert it from Adobe to JPEG. However i took the liberty to send it here below in word. Karibuni

RaYdiance Mobile Spa Menu
Human beings are a sum of their experiences: we are what we eat, feel and are exposed to.  RaYdiance brings you an exciting approach to your beauty regimen.  Our treatments will restore, energize and bring out the raYdiance in you.
Full Body Swedish Massage: 45mins 50,000/-

Head, Neck and Shoulders Massage- many of us carry tension in our upper bodies.  This tension is the cause of headaches, insomnia, and skin problems.  Take out those kinks and stress balls with an effective treatment that targets your trouble spots.  You will be left feeling relaxed and in a state of perfect balance.
30mins 30,000/-

Aromatherapy Massage- Choose from one of our essential oils; revive, relax and de-stress. The essential oil you select will be used for a deep relaxing swedish massage. 60mins 60,000/-

Two of a Kind-Enjoy a massage alongside your mother, sister, partner or friend…  Finish off your treatment with your feet wrapped in Eucalyptus Oil. 60mins 110,000/-

Best Foot Forward-restorative foot massage that includes a foot soak with epsom salt and a rejuvenating scrub that will bring your tired feet back to life. 20,000/-

Sugar and Spice Secret-Deeply relaxing scrub and massage.  Scrub, smooth, and exfoliate your skin with this rich blend of sweet spices that will leave your skin feeling like silk.  Follow this up with a massage of a blissful blend of lemongrass oil.  This treatment is ideal for new mothers.60mins 80,000/-

Traditional Pedicure- enjoy a soothing foot soak followed by an exfoliating scrub massage that will rejuvenate your tired and achy feet.  Finish off with a colour of your choice.  45mins 20,000/-

Manicure- restore splendor to your hands as they are soaked, massaged, buffed and shined to life.  Top off your manicure with a colour of your choice. 40mins 15,000/-

Eyes are the window to the soul- thread your eyebrows into shape and bring out your RaYdiance as you shine from the inside out. 5,000/-

Wax treatments- 
Bikini 20,000/-
Full body 50,000/-
Full hands 15,000/-
Full legs 15,000/-
Underarms 10,000/-

Restorative and wellness packages for new mothers-
Mothers are often neglected in the process of bringing life to this world.  Our  special 7 day restorative package is specifically designed to heal, refresh, and rejuvenate new mothers- to bring them back to life.  Treatments  include hot water compresses,  healing head, neck and shoulder massages, rejuvenating foot massages, tummy tying to help your stomach return to its pre-pregnancy size  as well as tips on nutrition and caring for your new baby. 1.5hours per day  380,000/-

Princess bride packages for those about to say I do- 
Make a statement as you walk down the aisle with glistening, healthy skin and a smile that raYdiates from the inside out.  We can help you achieve this with week long pampering sessions that include a glowing full body scrub, and face and body massages to ensure your skin is silky, soft and smooth on your special day.  Your eyes will also be treated to special treatments in order to remove dark circles and puffiness to add that glimmer to your smile. 1.5hours per day  380,000/-

RaYdiance Gift Certificate-
Treat someone you love to a pampering session with a RaYdiance gift certificate.You can tailor the certificate to suit the needs of that someone special.   Pay it forward and treat them today!

Mobile Spa Etiquette:
Kindly prepare an adequate room for the treatments.  For wax treatments, please make sure there is a lot of light.  When booking your appointments, let us know whether you prefer to use your own linen and towels.  The same applies for tools used for manicures and pedicures.

Beauty Delivered to Your Doorstep

Skin of a Goddess...

 Skin of a Goddess  

    Walks tall and proud
         No man defines her, nor the crowd
       Body so slender
      And her hips and thighs so tender
         She defines a woman
       With the skin of a Goddess

        Her smile so bright
       Bright as the New York lights
          And her curves so round
           As the African beat drums
          She defines a woman
           With the skin of a Goddess

          When faced with life’s misery
           Her faith uplifts like hidden treasury
        This lady is fearless 
           Causing others to become clueless
         She defines a woman
       With the skin of a Goddess

         Her touch so warm
         Like a bath-tub foam
          Still she’s untouchable
          Makin all of them unresistable
           She defines a woman
          With the skin of a Goddess

             As looks are deceiving
             Her image remains appealing
              Because she’s God’s wonderful creation 
            Who’s placed in rare situations?
            Where do you find such women
              With the skin of a Goddess?

                By: Lillian M


Hello Glamreaders,
Well i thought i should do a post on cakes today. Cakes are just as important as the brides dress,so go for a modern beautiful cake like yourself.
Another thing is Outdated cakes PLEASE DO NOT HAVE A FOUNTAIN CAKE they are OUTDATED,OVER AND DONE WITH. I remember when my mother started a bridal center, thats when those cakes were trendy,not since 2000,so please for those who still love fountain cakes,let that be something you loved but wont have NOW.
A note in Swahili for emphasis meaning MSISITIZO: Naomba sanaaaaa mziache zile keki jamani,zile zenye maji na ngazi ngazi na watu wanashuka kwenye ngazi....ziacheniiiii zibaki kule kule zamani,kuna keki ambazo kama 8020 tutaziita "Ingizo Jipya" zile ni "Zilipendwa" Basiiiiiiii muda wake kwisha. Tafadhali naomba nisiwaone na zile keki. Haya tuendelee na post...


Small Cakes {1,to 2 tiers}

Medium cakes {3 to 5 tiers}

 Beach wedding Cake

Big cakes {5 tiers to Majestic cakes}

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