Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year Dolls

The next time i send another post Insha~Allah we will be in 2013. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support in the year 2012, you have all been very supportive by referring brides to glambox,passing on the link to the blog so brides and non~brides can see our work,Thank you so so much and God bless you all for this coming year,may all your dreams,wishes and plans come to life in this blessed year. Live your regrets behind, and plan ahead with the most positive attitude possible. God loves positive people,Stay blessed and keep the Glam wheel turning. HAPPY 2013. LOVE YOU ALL

Fatmah wedding make~over

Fatmah is such a sweet young lady, the short time that i have known her i grew to like her very much,like a young sister. She is very quiet and yet so charming. She is a huge fan of glambox so it was exciting for both of us. She had a different hairpiece from most brides i have had recently. Its soo pretty,and we managed to get the best hairstyle for it. In the end a beautiful bride,God bless you my dearest fatmah,enjoy.x


Glam time with Barbara a.k.a Basia***

Barbara is such a doll,in the literal meaning of a doll. She was a very confident bride, she knew exactly what she wanted which always helps. She is quiet and fun,a bit intimidating she had me nervous a little bit at a certain point. I loved that Barbara was a hands on bride,she helped us with her hair i wouldn't have done a better job without her help. I cant wait to see the rest of her photos,God bless you Barbara and your better half. Enjoy,x.

 Old hollywood look really suits all turned out amazing

 Love this lipcolor on her...very pretty

 Who is in the back? LOL the poser...i love this photo,the friend is busy posing and barbara Ah she is in her own this photo much

Her bridal party was so so much fun,and i love the fact that they all focused on Barbara. I usually dont appreciate bridesmaids or friends who sorround the bride and play center of attention...

 cute as a button

Its a wrap,

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Eliza says I do...

This was our last glam time with Eliza,she is such a fun girl and confident,she is one bride who went by the say "ITS MY DAY" and she meant it. Everything was about her,she didnt compromise on her dress,her make up or anything to do with herself on her big day,i love her for this attitude as i often see brides settling on dresses,make up artists etc. Keep in mind 'ITS YOUR DAY" nothing more,nothing less. We love you Eliza,all the best in your marriage doll. Enjoy,x.

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Friday, 28 December 2012

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Eliza's send off Glam***

Eliza,WOW. She has got to be the most free,independent bride i have ever met and lord this girl is crazy. She is bubbly,she says it as it shading,with the purest and most positive intentions. I like her,and i am sure i will continue to see her. She is very loving,and fun to be with. Her friends,family and husband are lucky to have her. Eliza Glambox wishes you the best in your new life,stay blessed,x.


Something new...belongs to???

Keep your eyes open for the bride with the shoes,and the red and white bouquet who is a Sarah Jessica Parker fan. We all love sex and the city don't we? Yes some brides love the scent of Carrie as they walk down the aisle...

Zaitun's Henna Night

This bride is one of the most polite and well mannered ladies that i have ever ever met,she reminded me of someone so close to me as a sister and a friend { Dr Rukia M. Mchumo}. Zaitun is extremely down to earth,very kind,a big heart,spiritual enough,funny and she is such a joy to have around. She had about four events with us,so much so that i felt like she became a part of our team or rather part of our weekly routine. We all adore her,and we miss her.And most importantly i met her better half,i was so happy to meet her husband,he is like a male version of her,just as kind,polite,a gentleman WOW they are lucky to have found each-other. I am trying to stop so that i dont bore you with my Zaitun obsession,lol. Okay,i am done. No,in summary she has a very warm personality. Thats it! I am done. Enjoy,x.
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Oh i also got to meet Sabah Muchacho{i hope this is how you write her name} and Mzee Yusuf at her event.

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