Thursday, 31 January 2013

Helen's special day!

She was a very calm bride with  wonderful features that complemented her perfectly as a bride in a very special way. Being as simple as she is all she needed was her beautiful smile.

Credits to GRM.


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Inspiration: Aisle decor...

Hi  Dolls,
Weather it is an outdoor or indoor ceremony aisle is an essential elements that compliment the bride's entrance. They can be simple but customized by the couple's names, having diamond beaded curtains hanging on the edges,flowers balls, small bouquets, petals floor, carpets, sparkling colors, chandeliers, candles or lights. Aisles carry the connection between the ceremony and the couple. Below are some aisle decors i got from different sources and gathered for your inspiration. Be inspired,x.

Be inspired...

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Birthday wishes:Aysha Gugu Karebi

Happy birthday to my lovely bride and young sister Aysha. hope you have a ball sweetheart,i am sure Mr Karebi has a beautiful plan to celebrate,as his wife this time around. Pop champagne! Be blessed.

Anniversary wishes: Lilian Kitosi

Happy anniversary to my beautiful and polite,loving bride Lilian. God bless you two today even more and grant you many more years of happiness together. Love you lots.


I promise to post the rest of the photos soon,

A beautiful Bride...

Credit:Bella naija

Doreen's Kitchen Party...

Doreen is a polite,down to earth lady. Mrembo,she loves to look beautiful in a simple way and get it right. I had fun doing her eye make-up she has an amazing set of eyes. I cannot wait for send~off, and saturday which will be a crazy day at Glambox. Enjoy the few shots i managed to get.


Monday, 28 January 2013

As she becomes a Mrs...Ms Jane

She is so sweet,polite and pretty,unfortunately this is our last day with Jane as a Miss,next time she comes to see us she will be a MRS and Insha'allah a mother. A beautiful face with distinct features,Jane is from a village in Arusha where most people are descendants of Ethiopians who took refuge in our peaceful country,most of the people from that village have these features and closely resemble Ethiopians, they are commonly known as 'Wambulu'. It was fun to work with you Jane,we are honored,stay blessed we wish you a happy and fruitful marriage. Enjoy,x.

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Rahma's Aqdi and Maulid Glam...

Rahma is dressed by Eve Collections,we tied her headscarf in an elegant way to bring out her face and match up the elegance of her dress. For henna she opted for sudanese instead of arabic designs brides usually go for. Enjoy,x.
For the henna contact the artist on 0655060066

 From my instagram @glammadam

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