Friday, 27 April 2012

Bridal hairstyles for natural hair***

Hello Glamreaders,
I have seen some brides with natural hair,and we all know the natural girls do not love to add anything to their amazing natural beauty. So i figured its time i put a few pictures of brides with natural hair. I absolutely love it,as i don't have long hair myself. This should remind my lovely brides that they can still have their natural hair and look stunning on their big day.enjoy.x
NB: For brides with natural hair,the make up is always subtle and beautifully naturally done.


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

LOTD: Penelope Cruz

Penelope in a lacey Dolce and Gabbana ensemble to die for. I am literally drooling over this dress. Everything is perfect her make up,a smoky eye and a nude lip,a braided ballerina bun and minimalism for jewelry. C'est parfait!


Monday, 23 April 2012

Lovely hairdo*****

I am in lust with this hair~do its elegant and messy,yet so beautiful. I know most of you are as well.x

Lovely Nancy big day Glam

Nancy,Nancy,Nancy...what can i say?! Well,i love this girl. I went to school with her,and she has this cupid effect on people. What i am saying is you meet Nancy and you just gotta love her,she doesnt give you much choice and there really isn't an option. Call her 'Little miss Cupid'.She had an amazing bride train,Nato,Subrina and Ruth without forgetting the darling of the wedding 'Baby'. These girls are full of life and fun to work with,each has their own personality and together they make the perfect cocktail for Nancy on her big day. Most importantly Nancy had a good good maid of honor{Coletta};she is in control~wants the best for Nancy and during that glamming time we all learned alot from her.Glambox loves you all,best of luck in the future.Enjoy,x.
Dress by Enzoani Bridal Couture*****

 Mermaid dress is perfect for women with curves.See how it hugs and accentuates Nancys curves,perfect for her body type.

 Cathedral Veil by pronovias
 Drop Dead Gorgeous Nancy. This kind of Glam hurts my eyes*

 Time to say grace:beautifully.What a bride*
 Maid of honor~Coletta

 "we did"
May your marriage last as long as you both shall live and beyond

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Saturday Evening Glam*

Saturday evening was a bit crowded and fun. One bride,and a few guests. Be a part of it,enjoy.x
 Old Hollywood Glamour inspired hair
 Vera Wang Sash

 White by Vera Wang dress

 Glitter Gold shoes
Bubbly and ever cheering Anna,she is bigger than her name.Loves Glam,and vice versa

 Parul;who has a love-hate relationship with make up.She is soo cute it hurts*

 Cute as a button
 The lovely Miriam***Glambox loves youuu

 Zai*A loyal Glamqueen. Glambox loves youuuuuu
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