Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Out with the square,in with the pointy

Hello glamqueens,
This one is for you: Recently style icons like beyonce,rihanna,katy perry,lady gaga etc have been rocking bright 'pointed' nails. Some wear them long,some short both lengths look amazing. Try it!

Nail anatomy
Rihanna's nude pointies

Rihanna's bright pink pointies

Rihanna's charcoal brown and lavender pointies

Lady Gagas nude pointies

Beyonce's french manicure pointies

Beyonce's Golden Minx Nails pointies

Eva Mendes's pointies in a peachy nude

I am now in the trend,lol. Nafue's pointies in Hot red. I had mine done at Bantu.

Please don't go around looking like a witch,its not Glam at alllllll.....

Go ahead rock the pointed nails glamqueens. They are fun,and sooo different,i have tried it. I love it.
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