Sunday, 22 January 2012

Beach wedding Inspiration

Thinking about a beach wedding? Are you planning one as you read this? Well hear is some inspiration for you. Ofcourse the bride went for a 'pop of color' with the shoes. One thing i must add though as a tip to people planning beach weddings; your dress should match the theme as well. I have seen people having beach weddings and get a dress that doesn't really suit the beach. Flowing chiffon dresses and other soft materials are perfect for the beach with the breeze it adds so much romance to the theme. 

Simple Chiffon dress. Imagine this dress with the breeze,very romantic.

Strappy sandals are most appropriate for the beach.

Polite gestures: A basket for your guests shoes,you don't want them to get messy and sandy not so glam.

The groom practising his vows. He knows better,lol women never forget VOWS.


How simple is this? The good news is we have alot of beaches in Tanzania. So simple and beautiful.

Lovely centerpiece...still thinking 'OTT'?

Lovely setting.

The bride "Honey i suggest we serve burgers,chips and beer, and put the rest of the budget on my ring. While we are at it we can throw in a bottle of champagne or two for the toast".

Overall opinion: This wedding was so simple, intimate,romantic and beautiful and the good news is its low budget. So its completely manageable for young couples.
Are you married and wishing you had such a wedding? Well its ideal for renewing your vows.

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