Thursday, 26 January 2012

Bridal Make Up for church wedding...

Hello Glambrides and Glamreaders,
I thought i should write about make up and looks which are appropriate for church wedding and Muslim wedding etc. So we begin with church weddings.

Church wedding:
I f you are having a church wedding i advise that your make up is very simple and subtle. Below you will find pictures of what we love at glambox and the make up looks we put on/advise to our brides who are getting married in church to have. 
Eyes: You should not have a strong smokey eye on your wedding day. Have a 
very simple smokey if you may,preferably with a dark brown or very little black. You should not put a gel eye liner over your eye shadow. Gel/licquid eyeliner makes the eyes very strong with a simple application of a thick line. However if its very thin and well done,it passes no harm.
Lips: Since your eyes are subtle you can wear a pink(not neon pink), a bright red (not the red that shouts look at me i am the lips) and any shade of nude.Please do not put gloss with glitter on your lips,not on this day if possible never.
Cheeks: Just a little blush,it can be pink,deep burgundy or something peachy. Do not forget highlighters since you will be taking lots of pictures.
Enjoy the looks below.

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