Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Glambox is Nafue and Nafue is Glambox...

Hi Glamreaders,

How is the week so far? Recently i got a lot of  emails and texts as well as friends forwarding me messages from different readers inquiring "who is Glambox? who does the make up? what about the writing and the editing?". So i thought i should do the needful and introduce myself to all of you.
My name is Nafue Nyange,i live and do my work in Dar es Salaam,Tanzania. I do my at home but am also flexible to work at a brides chosen venue i.e home, hotel etc.

I am an arty person; i love make up,hair,flowers,decorating and almost everything under the 'art umbrella'. Growing up my mother had a bridal salon at our home. It was known as Ninna Bridal Center, so i grew up doing bridal make up, bridal bouquets, consulting customers and beading wedding dresses which were made by our tailors. It was a good experience and when people ask me "where did you learn" all i have to say is "from my mothers bridal salon". Thats the school i went to glamreaders-working for my mother without a pay...little did i know somehow it will pay me later. I went off to law school at the University of Buckingham,graduated started working and in 2010 i decided to pursue my other passion i.e Bridal make up and weddings.

I started Glambox in 2010 July, so its almost two years since i got back on this part of my life,i didn't know how much i had missed it,i almost forgot all the fun that comes with it. There is nothing like seeing a bride so nervous waiting to marry her prince charming, and adding to that excitement by making her as beautiful as she truly is on her special day. You are all very welcome to call and talk to me anytime about make up and weddings. Thanks for your support so far.

Kind regards;


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