Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Glambox loves Make Up,and so did the Golden Globes

As you all know GlamBox is about Make Up,make up and more make up. Here are a few faces we just couldnt resist. Do you want to look as Glammed up as these ladies???? Then call Glambox. We will make you feel red carpet royalty,x.

Angelina Jolie: Tres' Jolie madame Pitt. She just kills it in this all natural face and a bold red lip;everything on point.

Dianna Agron stunning in the red lip,she rocks it pretty well. Make up and hair,Glam thumbs up for Dianna.

Ladies in Nudes....Nude lips,eyes,cheeks Amazing looks makes my hands itch. I just cant wait to do this looks on my Glamqueens.

 Jessica Alba
 Sofia Vergara (a bit on the pink side) so we'd say nude-ish

 Charlize Theron -now this is a NUDE(mind the caps)
 Mila Kunis
Save the best for last:Georgina Chapman...this lady is just too beautiful. Love her!
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