Friday, 20 January 2012

Make Up fun with Ley: Cute as a button

Hello Glamreaders,
This day i decided to play with leylas pretty face,i cannot wait to have a real photoshoot with this girl. She is sooo pretty it hurts my eyes. She is one of our models,and just about the cutest Glamface around.


This look is inspired by mermaids: Golden and aqua tones for the eye, and pink cheeks and hot pink lips and lots of bronze powder. This look is good for the runway/catwalks howeve if you want all eyes of you then try it on a night out i.e girls night.

Then we tried a beach look...all we changed was the lip color from hot-pink to Gold,and the brown eyeshadow had to go...

The look was soo good we found ourselves playing 'Greek Goddess'. Lucky for us leylas face fits perfect in all looks.

Signed; Ms Glambox.

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