Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Manicure and pedicure for your special day

Hello Glamreaders,
As we all know on that special day our manicure and pedicure has to be very well done. However i have seen some brides that put some sort of discouragement to photographers to take that upclose photo of the moment 'with this ring i thee wed'. Ladies your nails have to be neat and simple. Nothing trendy and flashy. Ofcourse you can have your nails painted a bright red,or pink. But the safest is always a french manicure,if not a light gold,champagne or a very light silver.

French manicure {below};you can never go wrong with a well done french on your special day. If you are confused about what to have on that special day,then please opt for a french its the safest.

Bright colors are the second best thing,next to the french manicure. We do not mean all bright colors,NO. Please stick to red and pink for this preference.

Some brides insist on having a bit of a sparkle{below}. Its not a bad idea,however its not the safest. If you are one of those brides,then please stick to a beautifully done sparkle instead of tacky glitters.

Pedicure is not nearly as sensitive as manicure,however it is still important every bride:- especially a 'Glambride' to get it right from 'head to toe' literally. Here are you options.

French is still the safest:

Then the brights:

How about you add a bit of sparkle down the aisle...

Remember,that day will last forever in prints/photographs. So do not be too trendy or tacky. You definitely want to enjoy your wedding album in the next ten years.
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