Friday, 27 January 2012

'Cake moment' with Slice of wedding cakes...

Hello Glamreaders 
Alot of my clients ask me about a contact for cakes. Below are pictures of cakes by 'Slice of  wedding'. The cakes at 'SOW' are amazing,not only do they look good,but also taste so good. I had a piece when i went to meet her just for my readers and brides,the cakes are soft and very well done. 

She will also advice you about flavors you can have and at what moment you should serve the cakes and how.
Basically she says you should have 'a cake moment'. After the bride and groom cut the cake,the ushers should serve a piece to all the attending guests instead of giving it to the caterers and having it at the end of the buffet table. The cake moment will give your guests a chance  to appreciate the sweet delight you have for them and how delicious your cake is. All compliments to the bride of-course, 'SOW' will not take any,lol.

Kitchen party(tea party theme)...

Contact: Slice of wedding can be contacted on +255782063009,they are situated in Masaki.
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