Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wishes for the newly weds..a twist to the guestbook

So recently i have been obsessed with the variety of guest books i have seen at weddings,and this has been going on for ages. However i have been advising my brides (only 2 so far) to go with an alternative such as a wish tree or a glass bowl.
This is actually an old Dutch tradition. Basically the idea is that you have a wish tree/glass bowl/jar and some note cards or tags next to it. So your guests will take the note cards and write a wish or a piece of advice and hang it on the branches,or put them in the bowl. At the end of the night/day the newly weds take the cards and make a scrap book or an album out of them. I am sure this will be fun to read in the morning after breakfast in bed when you are honeymooning.
I actually remember singing under a big tree with my friends as child at Arusha School 'wish wish come to me' we caught the leaves falling and made a wish then we let it go. Maybe wishes do come from trees after all,Oh well!

You can have different place cards like below,you can even have them in color codes
 i.e red-wishes,gold-predictions,blue-advice...

Be inspired

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