Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Eckhardt and Fatma say "I DO"

Hello Glamreaders,
On friday the 17th Fatma and Eckhardt said "I DO". Enjoy their pictures as the beautiful princess,kissed a frog he turned into a handsome prince,they said 'I DO' and the rest is happily ever after.

Traditional ceremony

"I will be sure to cook for him bibi"

Now the wife is well protected
Cheers to marriage,and the weekend perhaps? Only perhaps

Some sukuma bling*

 Flower-girls dresses by Glambox

 Cocktails time


 Lisa~Sister in Law,sooo cute

 Asma~Brides sister
 Grooms beautiful mother

 "You are so beautiful fatma" Eckhardt,"thanks,this is me shy Eckhardt i am doing it for the camera"
 Eckhardt"I will sing to you bolingo everyday for the rest of our lives"
 'Fatma seriously i will sing to you bolingo for the rest of our lives" Eckhardt...lol
 Glambox wishes you all the best,
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