Friday, 17 February 2012

Fatmas Sisters Night Final Part

Hello Glamreaders;
Here are the rest of the photos from Fatmas sisters night,it was soooo much fun. Mashallah Fatma! Glambox wishes you the best as you journey to the altar.Enjoy,x.

 proud mother
 a very proud sister{make up and hair by glambox}

 first lady of J&M Virgo 'Mishi'
My Dress by J&M Virgo

 Another proud sister


 The Gorgeous Rehema K

 Words of wisdom from the big sister
 Fatma carefully listening...
 Prettie Anita
 Ever so~beautiful Miriam
 Gorgeous T*
 Beautiful sisters

 Asmaaaaaa! Make up and hair by Glambox

 All smileys...this is the "i love presents smile"
 "Anymore gifts?"

 he really cracked her up

 ...with my bride

 Lorna and the bride

 Herry Nasserrrrrrrrr
 My best dressed lady that night. 5 Glam stars*****

 Zulekha{GB make~up artist}
Glam dolls Zulekha and Acquiliner
Its a wrap people,
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