Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Lady in Red with Glambox and J&M Virgo=PERFECTION I

Hello Glambrides and queens,
Today i had the opportunity of doing Zenas make up{at Protea}. She is such a bubbly,free spirited lady and OMG she loves everything glamorous. So for a dress as glamorous as she wants we went to J&M Virgo which is located at Mikocheni,1st floor of C&G mall.
J&M Virgo has the most glamorous dresses,shoes and accessories you can find in town for all occasions.
Zena's dress,shoes and earrings by J&M Virgo.

 Make up tip: Line your lips with a lipliner slightly darker than the shade you intend to wear (below). Do not use a brown or black lipliner for reds,pinks,nudes etc. by doing that you instantly break the shade of the lipstick.

 Shoes and Earrings by J&M Virgo~ The dressing up begins

 Dress by J&M Virgo

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