Friday, 24 February 2012

Ispiration Board:Peacock

Is it just me or peacocks are the most beautiful birds in the world? They carry themselves with poise,grace and elegance. I mean if peacocks were humans they'd be the likes of Jackie O Kennedy, Lady/Princess Diana,Her majesty Grace Kelly,Audrey Hepburn,Miriam Makeba,SADE,
i mean the list is endless. And this is why so many can design their whole wedding around a feather,a single feather caught from a peacock.
Below is an inspiration board for Glambrides who love peacocks as much as i do, don't hesitate ladies just go to the "LADY~BIRD" for your wedding inspiration. Enjoy,x.
CAUTION: This theme is as delicate as the bird herself,so please do not overdo things,you will end up with a mess. The colors and the feather do and say it all,so opt for minimalism. 

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