Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bridesmaids Rules

So you have been chosen to be a bridesmaids at your friends or sisters or brothers wedding.Well and good. Here are the traditional rules for every bridesmaid. Remember that being chosen for this position is an honor and you should be willing to lend your support in whatever way the bride may need your assistance with. You must also know that 'Bridezilla or not' the bride is the center of attention,EVERYTHING IS ABOUT HER and i mean EVERYTHING. So you are kindly advised not to make anything about you,it isn't.

On to the rules then:

  • Be a friend during all the planning. If she needs someone to talk to - be that person. Be a good listener. Be encouraging. Make her smile!
  • Help look for bridesmaid dresses and other ensemble accessories (shoes, jewelry, etc.) Unless the bride is choosing to pay for your dress and shoes, you need to pay for your own.
  • Offer your assistance during the wedding planning. Whether it's helping with addressing invitations, making party favors, packing - whatever can help take some pressure off of her. If there is something specific you would like to help with, be specific when you ask.
  • If the bride asks for your opinion on the bridesmaid dresses - be honest, but don't expect her to change her mind just because you may not like them. The wedding is, after all, about her and her husband-to-be. She has a number of other girls she has to try to 'please' as well.
  • Be involved in the planning and hosting of all the pre-wedding showers and parties. If there are costs incurred, you should pitch in some money to help out.
  • Help out the maid/matron of honor if she's juggling too many responsibilities at once. Ask what you can do to help her.
  • Bridesmaids must attend the rehearsal {church}and rehearsal dinner.
  • If the bride and her family are decorating the ceremony or reception site on their own, offer to help them, even if it means getting up early the day of the wedding.
  •  During the reception, help other guests if they need to know where the restroom is, where to put the gifts, where to sit, etc.
  • Since the bride will be busy visiting with guests, offer to get her dinner (if it's a buffet set up), make sure she has water at all times, keep an eye on her gown to make sure she keeps bustled, etc. 
  • The bride will usually need help holding her gown when she goes to the bathroom - so be on hand.


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