Friday, 16 March 2012

LTB: Lets talk Beauty:~THICK EYEBROWS

Lets talk beauty girls,For quite sometime people have been plucking their eyebrows thin/narrow and its nice,however the modern look has now shifted to THICK EYEBROWS. Back in the 50's and 60's thick eyebrows were the 'it thing' like with highwaist skirts,flared jeans,tea length skirts,mad men dresses coming back,THICK EYEBROWS have also found their way home again,THEY ARE BACK WITH A BANG so put those tweezers down,its time to rock thick eyebrows.
Kings and queens exist in everything not only kingdoms,Pop~Michael Jackson/Madonna,Rock n Roll~Elvis Presley,Classic music~Pavarotti etc. EyeBrows its Audrey Hepburn,so we pay tribute first then on to the modern queens.
Queen of thick eyebrows:~Audrey Hepburns 

 Old hollywood with thick eyebrows
Elizabeth Taylor
 Marilyn Monroe
 Sophia Loren
 Modern Hollywood plus random models
Kim Kardashian
Beyonce Knowles Carter
 Sharon Leal
 Camille Belle
 Kerry Washington
 Vanessa Hudgens
 Lily Collins

Me;by the way my eyebrows have been full forever

Not blessed with thick eyebrows????? Learn how to 'fill them~in', in the link below:
Enjoy and be inspired to go thick
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