Sunday, 8 April 2012

An Up~do i am dying to DO*

Hello Glambrides,
I came across this beautiful up~do which i am dying to do. So for those who will be working with us soon,if you fall inlove with this up do please refer to it as "elyse",and for those who aren't particular hence they let me 'do my thing',do not be surprised if i give you this up do. I love how the hairstyle is versatile enough to easily place any veil and manage to remove it later without making a mess of your hair on your big day.x.

 You can use a brooch for a hairpin,even better when its the color of your wedding. Mariedo Boutique in town at the Benjamin Mkapa building has the loveliest brooches you can find*
 this up~do is easy on the veil,a plus*
 lovely sash

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