Saturday, 19 May 2012

Cecilia: "The shining light"

Cecilia,a bride so lovely,so different and so much fun to work with. The name Cecilia means 'shining light', or 'the way for the blind'. And after the two months that i have known her,i think its safe to safe to say she is every bit the meaning of her name. She is also simple and elegant and knows what she wants. She is a very natural girl,and he wedding reception was a luncheon at Serena,and so we brightened the day with the lovely red roses for hair decoration.
Cecilia's wedding dress is by Glambox. We gave her three choices to match her personality and desire,and this is what we got. Enjoy,x.
The maid of honor is dresses by Eve Collections on both send off night and wedding day.
Send~off night

 Marianne in Eve Collections

 Wedding day***

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