Thursday, 3 May 2012

Elegance in Silver

Hello Glamreaders,
Its been a while since i updated. My apologies,i am sure you have missed all these trends and ideas on weddings and some of the weddings i have been doing. I should be updating as much as i used to now.
That being said,i am back with the most beautiful silver wedding i have ever laid my eyes on...its amazing. The shoes,the chairs,the table cloths...the bride,her dress....everything is just amazing. If you are one of those people who love Silver,well how about you draw inspiration from this wedding?! Eat your heart out!
Love letter to the lucky man*****
happy tears

 Lovely hair~do

 This was an evening ceremony and so candles down the isle was appropriate and added warmth and romance to the place. Watch that dress though***
 Aren't Orchids the most beautiful?!
 The flower arrangements on the high table are to die for,and different. Likes!!!

 Lovely cake***

 Love the glass bowls all over the roof with the candles in them*
I just got silverly inspired,
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