Thursday, 16 August 2012

White for bridesmaids???

Okay,this is one thing we have to address today. I know Kim Kardashian has done it she is a 'trendsetter',and some other brides are considering it. But seriously my readers lets think about it "white for bridesmaids really" NO WAY! I mean i love my friends and all,but white on my big day FORGET IT ladies,i believe white should be left to the lady of the day and only her i.e the bride. I have beautiful white and off white evening gowns but i dont wear them to weddings. I learnt this the hard way actually,me and a friend of mine went to a wedding in beautiful white was very very odd,everyone was looking at us. Anyway;look at this photo and ask yourself this question "White for bridesmaids?"...

Can you even spot the bride? I didn't think so...stick to colors lovelies
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