Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Aysha says 'i do" part I

Okay glamdolls,as i had said before aysha is family,i have known her all my life. I often get soo worried when i hear my little sisters say 'i am getting married',but lord knows i am not worried about Aysha,and this is because she married a perfect gentleman. Simon is just amazing,he is so kind,the kind of man that makes you feel special and your friends a little tiny bitty jealous. I am happy for both of them and wish them the best love,marriage and life has to offer. Enjoy,x.
 her color scheme was a combination of nudes i.e. creams,nude tones of blush pink and peach

 the invitation card

 a lovely kiss
the bridesmaids

 MOH:Julia Kilala

 Ayshas brother Mgonea
 Groomsmen and bridesmaids
 Aysha's brother Saeed


 the maid of honor also held a bouquet***

 cute little souls

 Seka my'partner'and the MOH
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 The gigantic cake...
 the main table

 Juliaaaaaaaa lol

 one of my favourite mc's LUVANDA
 Zungu paparazzi-ed by Moi
i cant wait to get his photos his camera is off the chain  
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