Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Aysha's wedding part II

Hello dolls,the fun continues,or rather begins...enjoy,x.
Mother of the bride with aysha and Julia
 lovely hat

 Father of the bride...swagged up.Uncle Gugu never disappoints,lol.

 Yes he sang with the band...Hero:Enrique Iglesias

 The couples first dance,they danced to Halo by Beyonce. I never knew how romantic that song can be until Aysha and Simon danced to it. I teared up,and she was singing to him.

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 mother and son
 One of my favorite couples

 can you spot acquiliner going for it??

 Yes Acquiliner caught the bouquet

 She told the MC she wasn't taken
 and so a man proposed...with a flower,lol
 Hibo and son
 Maryam and Asya:My sisters

 This bibi is way too beautiful.

 Sekaaaaaaaaa look at the,instead she pecks Timo...on another not Comfort feeling like Angelina Jolie. 
 juki: "you have got some explaining to do"
 bling bling

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