Monday, 10 September 2012

Comforts send off makeover***

Hey Glamdolls,
Last friday was comforts send off night,unfortunately my battery died on me so i didn't get photos at the party. However i will be getting photos from her photographers this week. Enjoy the few shots from the make over session.x

Comforts color scheme was peacock inspired. Her blue dress had touches of green(which might not be so visible from these photos),so we added a bit of green on her eyes. Which complimented the shoes she was wearing.

 She was tearing up as i was applying her eyeliner. I wish it never happened with you dolls i know for some its sensitive eyes,for some its a matter of trust and some of you just the fact that a brush or pencil is so close to your eyes. All i ask is you trust me and somehow it will become easier,i promise.Love you

 modern brides,not without your bbms...


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