Tuesday, 4 September 2012


I took a deep breath before typing my first word of this post. I think i will take a trip back to the days when my heart was so whole and un-scarred the days when every morning felt like God was watching only me and no one else in this world,those days were special. For those who knew me then they'd tell you i wrote poems and read so much on poetry. So here below i write a few words about love and the inspiration i got from looking at this lovely couple on the pictures i will post after.

a girl,a boy,
a man,a woman
a dog,a cat
be it animal or human 
every being needs someone to love

a tear,a smile
a cry,a laugh
be it rain or sunshine
every thing relates to love

a walk in the rain
a walk in the park
a swim down the lake
or even a silly food fight
every action in humans and beyond relates to love

we sleep,we wake,
we breathe,we pray,
don't you see???
its all in the name of love
everyone needs someone to love.


Someone who will lift you up
 someone who will make a mess with you
 a mess on you,and still adore you
 someone who will let you make a mess on them,just so you smile
 someone who will walk hand in hand with you through the stormy weather
 get silly with you
 and lock out the whole world just to enjoy a kiss with you
someone who will hold your hand so that you don't trip and fall
and here i was thinking i had given up on you
i love love.
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