Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Trending: Ombre Lips

Hello Dolls,as you all know fashion is head to toe for ladies and gentlemen. Unfortunately most of the time Make Up trends are overlooked,then again they dont change as much as clothing fashion. The most changes make up will take is actually shades for seasons i.e summer,autumn,winter etc for those living in countries with 4 seasons.
So the current make up/beauty craze is Ombre Lips. Ombre means having two colors that are monochromatic, for example if one wants to use red lip stick, then one will use an orangey lip stick or a dark brown to blend the two. Anyone can do it and look good really just remember; be yourself, do what you like, think outside of the box, be spontaneous, try new fashions, try new styles, and do not listen to any if they say you look weird, remember your closet is your canvas! Be creative, and do not forget to wear a smile, but make sure there is no lip stick on your teeth, then you definitely will he ready to smile!
I gave our bride Comfort the Ombre Lip
Below are photos of Ombre Lips from around the world

And lastly on myself...Sorry the photo is not very clear
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