Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Madeline:from Ms. Kimei to Mrs.Brown***

Hey dolls,
I got these photos of the glamming fun we all had at Madelines and a few of what took place after the glam~time,i must admit i am swept off my feet. Bridget always does this to me,she somehow manages to leave me breathless with every single shot. Enjoy,x.
Rise and shine...let there be light...

 let the glam begin

 she said "naf naf(this is what she calls me) i want to be as natural as possible"

 madeline laughing at her dad as i told him to make sure he practises the tradition of veiling her daughter to be unveiled by the husband after the vows...

 And yes he veiled her,so proud. I wasn't there so i couldn't be happier he understood what i meant.

 first kiss as husband and wife

 the most romantic photo yet,the thing is Teddy is actually standing on the edge but his thoughts are overwhelmed by the kiss so much so that he doesn't mind falling. L.O.V.E

 the first dance

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