Wednesday, 5 December 2012

What you can learn from Anna Mariki

This is one for the ladies with short hair,the bold and the beautiful,the ladies who confidently and gracefully cut their hair short and rock the look on a daily basis.
Most brides feel the need to add extensions when they have short hair,dreadlocks,or natural hair. One thing i always tell my brides is go with what makes you feel most comfortable after all,ITS YOUR DAY.
One of my friends {Anna Mariki} got married recently,she has had short hair all her life. I have had short hair on and off,but i have never see a lady like Anna,she just doesn't fall for any hair trend that comes along,she maintains her short hair. So on her wedding day she did not add any extensions whatsoever. And she turned out as beautiful as the lady she is. And this is what you can learn from Mrs Mariki...its okay to have short hair on your wedding day. Be inspired,enjoy.x

 all her bridesmaids and even the maid of honor had long about confidence

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