Sunday, 13 January 2013

Navone says 'I do!" to becoming Mrs Julius Mrisho*

Navone,where do i begin on this baby doll? She is one of the most fun,playful and charming brides i have ever met in my entire life,before and after Glambox. She is just bubbly,and in her own little world where everything is perfect for her. She was accompanied by her lovely sister Nasemba,who is as lovely as one can be. And for some reason i call them both Nasemba,i had to take a refreshing second or two everytime i wanted to call the bride,to be able to say Navone instead of Nasemba. More fun pictures with bridget at ;Come back soon girls,glambox had so much fun with you. Here is to many more years of love and happiness Navone and Julius.

 I love this photo,love the tattoo with the pins,they compliment eachother very well..

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