Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Ring Bearer Revolution: Inspiration.

Hi dolls!
 For a while we have been relying on "Pillow Ring Bearers" and Best men. when i came across these alternative designs i was very pleased that i immediately wanted to share them with you. We need to spin things a bit...
They can be Bird nest themed, wooden themed, customizes ring chests, books or even ring bowls all are perfect if added with the right touch.

Bird Nest themed ring bearers customized with wedding color ribbons/ eggs and sea shells.

A book ring bearer by " The Paper Walrus"

Ring Bearer Bowls customized by the couple's initials/ phrases/ wedding color ribbons.

Rustic Chic Ring bearer pillow shaped in square or heart shaped personalized with wooden heart/ light metal with couple's initials or names and wedding date.

Ring Block from Urban Collective customized by the couples's initials and their wedding date.

Ring Bearer chest customized by a crystal flower.

Be Inspired.
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