Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Modern Beehive and/or french twist

ITS OFFICIALLY BACK....some with a bang,or with a headband,a french twist tail,a bit messy...the BEEHIVE is officially back. Okay,i wasn't much of a girly girl growing up,but whenever we went somewhere and my mother put me in a dress or skirt,this was THE hairstyle i went for. Lol. This retro updo trend has evolved into a style that’s well … a little softer and a little smoother.  Check out these variations of the modern beehive,but first lets see where it came from.
Audrey Hepburn-The most elegant,most copied beehive/french twist in history


How do you know a trend is back? The A-list will tell you.
Kim Kardashian,Adele and J.Lo with middle parting

Beyonce with a side parting
Rihanna did it with a middle parting
Rachel's is very neat,very classic{side parting}

As a classic and elegant up-do,the beehive or/and french twist is among the most favored bridal up-do. So ofcourse YOURS TRULY i.e. GlamBox is never far behind

Angel's beehive is neat and soft,no dramatic volume. Classy!
 Asmah's had a middle parting and twisted curls cascading to the back. Trendy,elegant and timeless
 Hellen's had a bang and twisted curls. Tres' chic
These hairstyles are mostly suitable for tiaras,fascinators and flower pins
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