Friday, 1 February 2013

UTBT: Bridal Smokey Eye.

Hi Dolls!
We are pleased to welcome you to our new "Useful Tips from our Bag of Tricks" (UTBT).
Inspired by Style Network we have decided to start these types of articles that can help a bride understand a few tips that makes her make up as glamorous as it should be.
For starters  today we are going to see how Edna achieved her perfect bridal smokey eye on her Kitchen party.
Credits to GRM.
We start with the center eye shadow, 

the application of the basic eye shadow starts from the inner corner of the eye toward the end.

Apply a slight darker eye shadow color from the outer eye  corners of the eye blending it with the basic eye shadow.

For defining the eye a very thin eye liner is applied.

Then apply the mascara to make the eye lashes stand out as part of the make up.

And there it is, the perfect bridal smokey eye.
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