Monday, 11 February 2013

Wema Sepetu Miss Tanzania 2006} and sisters...

I had a beauty queen weekend dolls,yesterday {sunday}Wema Sepetu had her nephews Aqiqah at Sinza. The sisters love glam so they had us over to do their make-up. The Sepetu sisters are very polite and down to earth,very soft spoken. Their personalities are diversified Da Nuru is very strict, Suna is very soft and polite,Wema is very polite,has a heart bigger than herself and extremely confident. Wema could easily win a pin-up contest with this hair and the rest of the package she comes with.
Unfortunately i didnt bring my camera so most of these photos are from Wema's phone. Enjoy,x.

Look at this many of you can rock a full red head? It takes a whole lot of confidence. And lets just say 'she nailed it' pin-up kinda swag..
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