Thursday, 14 March 2013

Colorful Eyeshadow Make Up For Brides!

Hi Glamreaders!
It has been more of a tradition for a bride to look as natural as possible on the day of her wedding, which is completely fine...
How ever it is "The Bride's" right to enjoy her wedding day to the fullest so why not have some fun?
Any bride that is; Modern or Traditional/ Islamic or Christian can wear colorful eyeshadow make up without misleading her "The Wedding theme". The eyeshadow make up can be customized according to the color of the wedding unlike before( only silver or gold eyeshadow). A bride can wear the eyeshadow that matches her wedding color or even just to match her Bouquet. It doesn't matter if its glittery, smokey or just bright as long as the lipstick that she wears compliments her eyeshadow perfectly(balances her overall look) its a guarantee that she will still look natural. Here are some of the Eyeshadow Make Ups that Glambox has done;

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