Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Glambox is officially open...

Hi dolls and glam~readers,
First and foremost i'd like to give special thanks to all of you for your continued support,love and dedication for GlamBox,we had a very humble beginning starting from doing our make~overs in my living room for two years plus. It is your tolerance and patience that has helped us to get where we are today. Brides had to dress up in my bedroom,shower in my guest bathroom or mine,to get to a reasonable height i had to add pillows to our famous stools now and then,all that added up to the comfort we are able to give to our glam~brides and queens today. We have finally opened our offices in Masaki no 504,Haile Selassie Road.

As the printer is taking his precious time to deliver the road sign for GlamBox these directions should help. Our offices are in Masaki,if you are coming from the side of IST you drive further down past Shoppers Plaza and take a corner on your right hand side before getting to Marry Brown. Right after taking the corner you will see a grey wall with a red Umbrella,and that's our location. Karibuni Sana.
 Aziza combing my hair before the launch...she is one of the hairstylists at GlamBox,sweet girl.
 the Glam squad... 
 Our make~up room

 Our mani~pedi room
 Our dressing room

 we made this spot special for brides to take photos

Special thanks to GRM Productions for these amazing photos. Will send more soon as i receive them. Thank you again dolls for the support. And my apologies to those brides which i didnt pay much attention to God knows i had to follow up on the fundis closely. My prayer is you understand and pardon me for that. 
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