Friday, 26 July 2013

Liza 'the doll' and her very own Prince Albert

Wooowww...i dont know where to begin on this couple. Liza is i think the only bride which i had absolutely no idea what she looked like until the day of her wedding when i was doing her make up,Bridget took the photos and we both went through a number of imaginations of what she looks like. For most of my brides,i get to see them before or atleast a description from my girls. However it all turned out beautifully and everyone was happy. This couple came all the way from Sweden to get married in Tanzania,just the two of them. This is one of the cutest, sweetest most loving couples i have ever met.

NOTE: Albert is the first and the last groom to get dressed in this room ; ). Haha he was such a gentleman,it was beautiful to watch them help each other to get dressed. Our place was not even finished,it was a weekday,so i had to watch the fundis and do her make up while i am at it. Fun times indeed.x

 Liza was very nervous,she wanted to look as natural as possible and never had anyone done her make up before.

At this point i just wanted to stop,as it had hit me Liza is infact a doll,a Greek goddess barbie to be precise. 

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