Monday, 26 August 2013

Hollywood fresh special...

Hollywood fresh special dolls;just few of the pictures i managed to get. But all i can say is Glam and bubbles is a great mix,we will do this again for sure. Enjoy. Its was fun,we will definitely do this for Grown and sexy. I didnt manage to take pictures of everyone,here are a few i got. 
malaika doing the preps

Monica a.k.a lewinsky
Eva a.k.a Dimpoz cute is my niece

i did my make up before the hollywood fresh dolls arrived
went with a red lip
Diana's make up by Eva

Make up by Monica

Anita's make up by me

Maryam's make up by Monica

I ended up removing the red lip and substituted it for a nude to let the eyes have all the attention
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