Thursday, 15 August 2013

My Long Bob..

Hi dolls,
As many of you have written to ask about details of my new hairstyle,i am obliged to share so as to see those who want to rock the trend tag along. Well,its a fun long bob. Bobs are not a new trend,like box braids and fro's the trend seems to come and go. Recently many have been embracing the trend again. Mine was inspired mainly by Ciara's. I saw her photo and suddenly i was reminded of my love for bobs. The fun thing about bobs is you can go to work with your hair down,dine with friends and officials,party etc.
The hair i used is a mix of Peruvian and Brazilian.
I weaved at American Nails in Kinondoni,and had the cut at Lemon Spa Masaki with Aju. As for the color,well some i did myself,some was done by American Nails last time i weaved there.I dont advise you cut your hair,so the perfect length would be 12,14 and 16 inches to achieve the look.
Here are some celebrities with long bobs and myself having fun with the camera.

My before and after shots. I used studio fix concealer to cover some of the spots and added studio fix powder over it. I didn't use any foundation. My lipstick is called Embrace me,it was limited edition so i will do my absolute best to get the closest shade to it for you next time i bring lipsticks. I filled in my eyebrows with eyebrow powder.
 I curled the hair the day before,with a remington curling wand. Just the ends not all of it.

 at this point i was feeling 'fresh' LOL...and happy to learn how to take selfies.
On sunday i went to a friends birthday,so i got some fresh curls. Same make~up routine,the lipstick is called Everyday Diva.
 I am practicing my stare at this point #thingscamerasmakeusdo


 Drew Barrymore
 Miley Cyrus
 Jessica Alba
 Kerry Washington
 Kimberley Walsh
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