Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Couples which pray together,stay together. Before R.Kelly sang PRAYER CHANGES i was and remain a firm believer that it does. I believe prayer has the power to warm hearts filled with bitterness to forgiveness,vengeance to solutions and letting go, and mostly set the devil off your life 'Olympic speed kinda pace'. 
Most brides and grooms i meet are young,and playful,beautiful filled with life and its adventures. As no one marries to divorce later,today i would like to take this moment to remind you to PRAY TOGETHER...this adventurous world we live in is filled with many the devil and his ways among the most common if not the actual. Stay blessed dolls.

A Marriage Prayer...
Dear God,we pray you fill our marriage with memories to treasure
Give us faith, trust and love too deep to measure
As man and wife,we pray to you that you bring us the happiness of knowing that you our dear God who fills our cup of life will keep it overflowing. 
 Cover his eyes with a Bandana so he doesnt see you before you walk down the aisle.

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