Tuesday, 1 April 2014


As I have been working with brides since 2010...a lot had asked me if I had a plan to have a one stop shop for a bride. I love brides,God knows I love brides from painting the to dressing them. So I was working on opening a boutique and finally I have.

Why KIONNE? I call in Kionne which is my mothers name, I owe my everything and every move to her,she has been a very good teacher to me and my siblings. Through her life's tough and wonderful lesson I have become the woman I am today.

We carry a selection of wedding dresses,each handpicked carefully for our lovely brides,we do not compromise on the quality of the dress not even when a bride is looking away. Every bride deserves to wear a beautiful dress of the most outstanding character on her big day.

What we currently have:- weding dresses,accessories .i.e. hairpins,veils,necklaces etc. To contact the boutique call 0684 831888 or 0713931888. We are at Masaki same place as the make up studio. Karibuni.

Here are some of the wedding dresses we have at the shop. Some have been bought already but I will still post to show you our entire collection. New stock arriving anytime this week!!!



to be continued....

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