Saturday, 21 January 2012

Cute little souls

Hi Glamreaders,
Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Since the beginning of marriage, we have seen beautiful children as an accessory to the wedding train i.e pageboys and flower girls. To honor their priceless very treasured presence glambox will be having a re-occurring post covering their sweet gestures and poses. We call it "Cute little souls". As they sure are.
PS: Do you have any photos of cute little souls or 'thoulmates' at your wedding,friends wedding,family? 
Or maybe of yourself as a Cute little soul? Please email us at, we would love to put it up if you dont mind sharing.

 Boy to girl: "Hi,may i have a play date with you sometime this week"

 Girl to boy: "thorry i am fully booked and i dont like shy guythhh"

Girl thinking out loud:"Lol,that boy is thoo funny! maybe in thixteen years,MAYBE"

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