Saturday, 21 January 2012

Over The Top 'OTT' Centerpieces..

Hello Glamreaders, 
How is the weekend? Our new post which will also occur now and then is 'Over The Top' Centerpieces, as a contrast we will be having 'Simple Elegant'  Centerpieces.
On to it then: Have you ever been to a wedding so lavish,so big with a bride so beautiful but the memory you take home is the OTT centerpiece that might actually block you from seeing the newly weds?? Anyway here are a few photos to show what we call OTT Glamour. As long as its glamour right?wrong?...You decide

Watch your head please when you attend a wedding with OTT centerpieces you dont want to be the guest who messes up everything now,do you? Not so Glam.
What do you think,you will do OTT or...?

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