Thursday, 10 January 2013

Asmah real make~over

Asmah is fun,bubbly,cute,with such a big personality. This lady is always smiling then ends up with a laughter. She is such a sweetheart,lucky for her am collecting keyholders,if i were collecting sisters she'd definitely end up in my collection{yes she is that lovely}. She had an experience with "makeovers" before us,so it was even funner to give her the REAL makeover this day of her reception. She is now officially a glambox regular doll. Asmah we wish you all that happiness,love and life can offer,here is to grey hair and rocking chairs on the porch with your better half,enjoy.x

 i wish i could share what she was talking about,but i cant. Hint:"Make Up"

 And you thought you had lashes! LOL. Asmah's are to die for.

 Layla,the brides sister. Love her! She is a diva and she doesn't know it

 Isn't her aunty the cutest??!! She sure is...

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