Thursday, 10 January 2013


Victoria,where do i begin. I really,really like this girl. She is very polite,sweet,kind and beautiful. Victoria had an unfortunate event on her wedding weekend,she lost her sister a day before the wedding when her sister got into an accident on the way to Victoria's wedding. Not only is Victoria beautiful,she is strong,she managed to smile,and sit for her make up as much as i could see her getting sad moments now and then. She didn't actually see this,but she made me cry i was nervous,tense,i didn't know what to say to her,i was hurting inside but one thing i told her as a sister myself is, Your sister wanted this for you,so for her today be strong,marry your prince and smile,for her,just for her. And she tried. I love her,i wish to see her again,i am certain she will come visit. Stay blessed Vicky and God bless your marriage.

 her maid of honor
 she popped the color in blue

 Yes the sun did shine on my Victoria...
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